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Memorandum of understanding to enhance cooperation on climate change, energy, and the environment between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the People s Republic of China

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The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to strengthen and coordinate the two sides respective efforts to combat global climate change, promote clean and efficient energy, protect the environment and natural resources, and support environmentally sustainable and low-carbon economic growth. This MOU is co-chaired by the Department of State and Department of Energy on the U.S. side and the National Development and Reform Commission on the Chinese side. The two countries intend to hold regular ministerial consultations to deepen mutual understanding and promote and guide bilateral cooperation on climate change, clean and efficient energy and environmental protection through a range of mechanisms, including: a. the Framework for Ten Year Cooperation on Energy and Environment ("TYF") dated June 18, 2008; b. the Climate Change Policy Dialogue and Cooperation. The Climate Change Policy Dialogue and Cooperation should promote (i) discussion and exchange of views on domestic strategies and policies for addressing climate change; (ii) practical solutions for promoting the transition to low-carbon economies; (iii) successful international negotiations on climate change; (iv) joint research, development, deployment, and transfer, as mutually agreed, of climate-friendly technologies; (v) cooperation on specific projects; (vi) adaptation to climate change; (vii) capacity building and the raising of public awareness; and (viii) pragmatic cooperation on climate change between cities, universities, provinces and states of the two countries.
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