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Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game Law, 2003 (Law No. 152( )/2003).

Type of law

With the purpose of aligning the Cypriot legislation with the European legislative frame concerning the conservation of wild birds and natural habitats, this Law sets forth measures relating to the protection, conservation, management and control of all species of naturally occurring birds in the wild state in the Cypriot territory and lays down rules for their exploitation. It covers the following subjects: wild birds; wild species of Community interest; game definition; hunting licenses; hunting of Community-interest species without a license; prohibited means and methods of hunting; closed seasons and protected areas; trade of game; protection of agriculture and crops; hunters' associations; areas for hunting training; powers of the State Fund of Hunting. Three Annexes to this Law define special protection areas for the protection of specific wild birds species (Annex I), wild birds which may be determined as game (Annex II) and wild birds which may be allowed to be placed onto the market.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Law enters into force on the date of publication in the Official Gazette; the provisions of article 11 (paragraph b, section 4) and article 38 shall come into force on such date as the Cabinet of Ministers may, by Notice in the Gazette, determine.
Serial Imprint
Episimi Efimerida tis Kypriakis Dimokratias No. 3758, Supplement I, Part I, 3 October 2003, pp. 1030-1148.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
2003 ( . 152( )/2003).