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Baden-W rttemberg Forestry Law.

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With a view to achieve a sustainable development, the purpose of the present Law is to conserve forests because of their economic utility, their importance for the environment, and in particular as living space for wild living animals and wild growing plants, for the climate, water resources, pollution of the air, fertility of the soil, the image of the country, the agriculture on the whole and their infrastructures and, finally, because of their importance for recreational purposes of the public. Furthermore, a harmonization between the interests of the forest owners and the interest of the public shall have to be achieved. The text consists of 91 articles divided into 10 Parts as follows: General provisions (I); Forestry frame work planning, conservation of forest (II); Care and management of the forest (III); Entering forests (IV); Promotion of agriculture (V); Special provisions for the public, co-operative and private forests (VI); Competent forest authorities (VII); Protection forest (VIII); Penalties (IX); Transitional and final provisions (X). One Annex is enclosed.
Long title of text
Forestry Law for Baden-W rttemberg.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The present Law is consolidated as of 7 February 2023 (GBl. S. 26, 44).
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Waldgesetz f r Baden-W rttemberg (Landeswaldgesetz - LWaldG).