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Hessen Water Law.

Type of law
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The present Law implements, inter alia, the Water Resources Act of 31 July 2009 (BGBl. I p. 2585). The Law applies to surface waters and related banks as well as to groundwater and parts thereof. Waters are to be secured as part of the natural environment and living space for human beings, animals and plants. They have to be managed in such a way that they meet the well being of the community; once such a principle is complied with, their use may also suit individual interests. Adverse influence on eco-systems has to be avoided and in general a sustainable development has to be guaranteed. In view of the paramount necessity to safeguard the climate, a high degree of protection for the whole environment shall have to be ensured. The text consists of 77 articles divided into 6 Parts as follows: General provisions (I); Management of waters (II); Special provisions on management of waters (III); Compensation (IV); Survey of waters, competences (V); Penalties, final provisions (VI). Four Annexes are enclosed.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Last amended by Article 4 of the Law of 22 August 2018 (GVBl. P. 366).
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Hessisches Wassergesetz (HWG).