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Act on CO2 quotas (No. 1222 of 2010).

Type of law

The Act aims to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas CO2 and other greenhouse gases in a cost effective manner through a system of tradable allowances and credits. It applies to aviation and stationary installations on land and sea. The Minister of Climate and Energy shall determine permissible emission levels of CO2 and shall establish an electronic register containing information on award, holding, transfer, cancellation and surrender of allowance and credits under this Act.
The Act consists of 10 Chapters and 3 Annexes: Introductory provisions (1); Permission to emit CO (2); General provisions on quotas (3); Determination and allocation of quotas (4); Application and establishing of allocation of allowances for aviation (4a); Quota Register (5); Monitoring, verification and reporting (6); Payment of taxes for missing quotas (7); Monitoring and accountability (8); Appeals and penalties (9); Other provisions (10).
Annex 1 - CO2 emission factors in 1998-2004 period relative to lower calorific value.
Annex 2 - (Relating to ratios for allocation of allowances to new installations according to article 19).
Annex 3 - (Operations not included by this Act, see article 8a).
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Entry into force notes
Entry into force of this Act shall be determined by the Minister of Climate and Energy.
This Act is not applicable to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse af lov om CO2 kvoter.
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