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Act on Danish subsoil exploitation (No. 889 of 2007).

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This Law sets rules on the appropriate use and exploitation of the Danish underground and its natural resources. This includes the use of underground storage or any purpose other than the extraction of raw materials; scientific studies of the subsurface; and the Danish continental shelf area. The Law applies to prospecting, exploration and extraction of raw materials in the underground which have not been subject to private economic exploitation in Denmark prior to 23 February 1932.
It consists of 10 chapters: General Provisions (1); Prospecting (2); Exploration and extraction of raw materials (3); Special provisions relating to exploration and production of hydrocarbons (4); Acquisition of state for liquid hydrocarbons (5); Other uses (6); Scientific studies (7); Supervision, etc. (8); Other provisions (9); Criminal and entry regulations etc. (10).
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Entry into force the day after publication in the Official Gazette.
This Act is not applicable to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse af lov om anvendelse af Danmarks undergrund.