This content is exclusively provided by FAO / FAOLEX Act (No. 224 of 2009).

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The Minister of Climate and Energy sets rules to implement international conventions on matters regarding the conservation of the environment in the territorial sea of the exclusive economic zone. For this purpose, it establishes and delegates to the independent institution, power and responsibility in order to ensure efficient operation and expansion of electricity and gas supply infrastructures. lays out a comprehensive planning for gas distribution systems and storage by administering cooperation agreements with pipeline enterprises.
This Act consists of 11 Chapters: Introduction provisions (1); Development of transmission (2); Powers of the Minister of Climate and Energy (3); Management and Stakeholder Forum (4); Finance and accounting (5); Review and registration (6); Publicity (7); Supervision, appeals (8); Liability and penalties (9); Entry into force (10); Amendment rules (11).
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The Minister of Climate and Energy shall set date of entry into force of this Act.
The Act does not apply to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.
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