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Energy Supply Act (No. 1329 of 2013).

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The purpose of this Act is to ensure that the country's electricity supply is planned and implemented in accordance with the interests of security, economy, environment and consumer protection. The Act must provide consumers access to economically viable electricity and continue to provide consumers with influence over the management of the electricity sector's assets. Under this Act's provisions, the goal is to promote the use of sustaibable energy, that is renewable and environmentally friendly. The Act particularly applies to production, transport, trade and supply of electricity on land, offshore and in the exclusive economic zone. It does not apply to activities regulated for offshore installations of exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons. The Act is regulated by the Minister of Climate, Energy and Building, which shall take decisions on the implementation of international conventions and EU regulations regarding directives on the protection of the environment in the sea and the exclusive economic zone. Electricity producers not covered by the Act on CO2 emission fees shall be entitled to compensation for CO2 taxation; the compensation is based on a year-rate from 1 January 2010. There will be no compensation for CO2 taxation on energy consumption put into operation after 31 December 2007.
The Act consists of 15 Chapters: Introductory provisions (1); Electricity users' position (2); Electricity (3); Energy supply system (4); Operators' system responsibility (5); Supply service operator (6); Assignment, consumer influence, separation of activities, etc. (7); General rules for funding (8); Environmentally-friendly power generation (9); Prices and conditions for electricity (10); Energy Regulatory Agency (11); Information control, confidentiality, emergency (12); Injunction (12a); Penalties (13); Complaints, Energy Complaint Committee (14); Miscellaneous items (14a); Entry into force, termination and transitional provisions (15).
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Act No. 1275.The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse af lov om elforsyning.