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Order No. 796 on the establishment of environmental objectives for rivers, lakes, transitional waters, coastal waters, and groundwater.

Type of law

This Order lays down rules for determining environmental objectives, including the definition of "good surface water status" (good ecological status and good chemical status for surface water), "good ecological potential," and "good chemical status for surface water" for artificial and heavily modified water bodies, as well as "good status for groundwater" (good quantitative status and good chemical status for groundwater), as referred to in Appendixes 1-3.
Appendix 1 - Normative definitions of quality classes for "ecological status" and "ecological potential".
Appendix 2 - Environmental quality standards for surface waters.
Appendix 3 - Groundwater quantitative and chemical status.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Order enters into force on 21 June 2023.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
BEK nr 796 af 13/06/2023: Bekendtg relse om fastl ggelse af milj m l for vandl b, s er, overgangsvande, kystvande og grundvand.