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Plant Pest Act (No. 14 of 2017).

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This Act sets regulations on the monitoring and prevention of the spreading of living organisms and virus in plants and which may damage crop production. The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark shall enable prevention of the spreading of such damaging organisms by ensuring monitoring tests are carried out and adopting the following restrictions: ban of trade, storage and other ownership of living organisms or cultures of organisms and of plants, plant products and soil infected or containing such harmful organisms; control of exported plants, plant products, soil; prohibition of sowing, planting or isolation of the affected areas; prohibition of planting specified plant species; prohibition of the removal of specified plants, plant products or soil from a specified areas; prohibition of treatment of areas, plants, plant products or soil with pesticides; prohibition of pruning or removal of plants; prohibition of disinfection of packaging, tools, machinery, transport where organisms are likely to spread; prohibition of destruction of plants, plant products and packaging; prohibition of collecting and destructing harmful organisms.
Date of consolidation/reprint
This Act is a consolidated version of Act No. 198 of 12 March 2009.This Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om planteskadeg rere.
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