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National Reform Programme ESTONIA 2020 and its Action Plan for 2018-2020

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The National Reform Programme ESTONIA 2020 and its Action Plan for 2018-2020 is a national multi-sectoral programme of Estonia for the period until 2020. Its main objective is increasing productivity and employment in Estonia.
The Programme aims to make agriculture and forestry more productive and sustainable. To this end, it is planning to develop an economy that has lower carbon emissions, is more resource efficient, greener, and more competitive; to promote a circular economy that keeps raw material in circulation for as long as possible; to generate as little as possible waste; to preserve and restore protected species and habitats; to develop a methodology for mapping and evaluating ecosystem services in order to create business opportunities that take into account their economic value; to sustain the growth potential of forests and use wood as a renewable resource within the limits of sustainable volumes; to promote the regeneration cutting in commercial forest lands and the subsequent regeneration and growing of forests; to create and implement measures for developing more environmentally friendly public transport, carriage of goods, traffic flows, and green corridors in cities; to prevent and reduce waste generation; to find different ways to reuse and increase the reuse of such waste; to promote a life cycle based approach in the building sector, which means the energy efficient construction and renovation of buildings, the use of renewable and energy efficient materials and promoting the recycling and preparation for reuse of demolition waste, as well as demolition of buildings that are no longer used and spoil the landscape (agricultural, industrial and military structures) and the management of demolition waste, including promoting recycling and reuse and regeneration of the land.
To enable more inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems, the Programme s Action Plan seeks to launch activities for promoting export in food sector; to introduce new generation broadband connections everywhere by establishing a basic network in rural areas in Estonia and supporting access to the network; and to implement rotation ages in forest regeneration cutting, which take into account tree maturity to ensure the continuous flow of timber from forests and to increase volume increments.
In the field of energy, the Programme aims to increase renewable energy to 25% of the final consumption of energy by 2020; and to implement long-term structural changes in the energy sector in accordance with Estonia s energy security and energy efficiency objectives.
In the area of mineral resources, the document provides for the development and implementation of the fundamental principles of the Earth s crust policy in order to use earth and the mineral resources in a manner that creates high value for the society of Estonia, taking into account socioeconomic, security, geological and environmental aspects; and the collection of sufficient amount of study data on mineral resources found in Estonia.
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