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Act on the control of wild oats.

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This Act makes provision with respect to measures to combat wild oats and prevent its spreading. The purpose of this Act is to maintain a high quality plant production. The holders of a cultivation or areas around shall ensure that measures are taken to prevent the occurrence and spread of wild oats. A Regulation of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry shall issue detailed rules for the control and prevention of the spread of wild oats on farms and areas around them. The Act also requires persons to notify existence of wild oats and requires the local Rural Business Authority to prepare a contingency plan after notification. The Act furthermore, among other things: places restrictions on the transportation, storage and handling of cereals, grains, hay, plant debris, chaff, biomass residue and sorting waste of grain and seed, pet manure, soil and soil conditioner, which originates from an area where plants of wild oats have been found, provides for inspections and enforcement and requires each local Rural Business Authority to keep a wild oats register.
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Consolidated version of Act No. 185 of 2002 as amended last by Act No. 848 of 2011.This Act repeals the Act on the control of wild oats (No. 178 of 1976).
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Lag om bek mpning av flyghavre.