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Ministerial Decision No. EN/DPD/21828/1642 of 2024. Biomass extraction procedure in the framework of the Forest protection plan.

Type of law

This Decision, implementing provisions of Law no. 5069 of 2023, provides for the utilisation of forest biomass, produced during forest protection operations, for the production of wood and its products, for the production of energy, and for the production of standardised solid biofuels. The Decision concerns: the establishment of a registry of certified buyers of forest biomass; the conditions for being registered as certified users of forest biomass, including: producing renewable gas, producing soil improvement products, producing thermal and electrical energy from biomass with agro-industrial applications; fees to be paid for registration; procedural matters regarding forest biomass auctions; inspection and certification of the forest biomass utilisation process.
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State Gazette of the Greek Republic, Issue II, no. 1393 of 2024.
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. / /21828/1642 2024. .