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Bansagar Control Board Act, 1976 (No. 8/17/74-DW-III).

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In consultation with the Governments of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it has been decided to set up the Bansagar Control Board with a view to ensuring the efficient, economical and early execution of the Bansagar Project in Madhya Pradesh including all connected works. The Control Board will be in overall charge of the project including its technical and financial aspects. The works of construction will be carried out under the direction of the Control Board by the chief Engineer, concerned of the Madhya Pradesh Government. In particular, the Bansagar Control Board shall: scrutinize the estimate of the project prepared by the Madhya Pradesh Government; advise necessary modifications and recommend the estimate for administrative approval of the Madhya Pradesh Government; examine and decide all proposals for preparation of designs and for obtaining expert advice; approve the delegation of powers, both technical and financial for the efficient execution of the project; approve all sub-estimates and contracts the cost of which exceeds the powers of sanction of the Chief Engineer; lay down guidelines for the preparation of sub-estimates and contracts which may be within the power of sanction of the Chief Engineer, and other project Engineers; approve all proposals for award of work or supplies on contract other than those based on public tenders and on detailed quantitative estimates and works allotted on work order basis on schedule rates; decide the programme of construction of different parts of the project in a co-ordinated manner, etc.
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