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Brahmaputra Board Act, 1980 (No. 46 of 1980).

Type of law

This Act, consisting of 30 sections divided into six Chapters, creates the Brahmaputra Board. The Board shall perform its functions and exercise the powers within the areas in the Brahmaputra Valley. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned Board, entitled to carry out surveys and investigations in the Brahmaputra Valley and prepare a Master Plan for the control of floods and bank erosion and improvement of drainage in the Brahmaputra Valley. In preparing the Master Plan, the Board shall have regard to the development and use of water resources of the Brahmaputra Valley for irrigation, hydro power, navigation and other beneficial purposes and shall indicate the works and other measures which may be undertaken for such development. The Board shall also: prepare detailed reports and estimates in respect of the dams and other projects proposed in the Master Plan; draw up standards and specifications for the construction, operation and maintenance of dams and other projects; construct multi-purpose dams and works connected therewith proposed in the Master Plan and maintain and operate dams and works; prepare a phased programme for the construction by the State Governments of all dams and other projects proposed in the Master Plan as approved by the Central Government; perform any other related functions, etc.
Long title of text
An Act to provide for the establishment of a Board for the planning and integrated implementation of measures for the control of floods and bank erosion in the Brahmaputra Valley and for matters connected therewith.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Act enters into force on 31 December 1981.
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