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Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Farming Agriculture, Forests and Agrarian Reform of the Republic of Bulgaria on cooperation in the sphere of agriculture.

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The Parties have agreed to establish and maintain cooperation in the sphere of agriculture, promote direct commercial relations between economic entities of the Parties, conduct regular consultations on the course of land reform. The Parties shall cooperate in the following forms: (a) joint research; (b) exchange of experience in the sphere of production of dairy products, irrigation technologies, sheep breeding, veterinary and plant protection; (c) exchange of elite seeds and pedigree livestock and plant protection means.
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The Agreement enters into force on the date of signature.
This Agreement shall be valid for five years, shall be automatically renewed for one or more five-year periods unless either Party terminates the Agreement by written notice to the other in which case the Agreement shall be terminated within six months since receipt of the notice.
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