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Law on Agriculture and Rural Development (2004)

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This Law regulates agriculture and rural development in Latvia. Its purpose is to provide a legal basis for agricultural development and to specify sustainable agricultural and rural development policy in accordance with the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union. This Law determines the implementation, supervision and evaluation of policy in the sphere of agriculture and rural development in order to facilitate the sustainable development of this policy. The fundamental principles of the implementation of the agricultural and rural development policy shall be as follows: (1) observance of specific regional features; and (2) State and foreign investments, as well as investments of natural persons and legal persons which promote rational development of agricultural production, optimum utilisation of the factors of production and the preservation of the rural environment, provide the producers of agricultural products with support of income and market prices and promote the development of rural support and structural measures. The methods of implementation of the agricultural and rural development policy shall be as follows: state aid and European Union support; credit and tax policy; market intervention; application of quotas; application of foreign trade regime; support of producer groups; and other methods which arise from the international commitments of Latvia.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The Latvian version of this Law is consolidated as at 30 October 2014.
Serial Imprint
Latvijas V stnesis, 64, 23.04.2004.; Latvijas Republikas Saeimas un Ministru Kabineta Zi ot js, 10, 29.04.2004.
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Legislation Amendment
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Lauksaimniec bas un lauku att st bas likums (2004)
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