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Law on Environmental Impact Assessment (1998)

Type of law
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This Law regulates environmental impact assessment. It is defined as the procedures to be performed in accordance with the procedures laid down in this Law in order to assess the possible impact of the implementation of intended activities or a planning document on the environment and to develop proposals for the prevention or decrease of negative effects or to prohibit the initiation of an intended activity in cases of the violation of the requirements laid down in laws and regulations. The purpose of this Law is to prevent or reduce the negative impact of the implementation of the intended activities of natural persons and legal persons or of a planning document thereof on the environment.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The Latvian version of this Law is consolidated as at 17 May 2018.
Serial Imprint
Latvijas V stnesis, 322/325, 30.10.1998.; Latvijas Republikas Saeimas un Ministru Kabineta Zi ot js, 23, 03.12.1998.
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in force
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Par ietekmes uz vidi nov rt jumu likums (1998)