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Law on Specially Protected Nature Territories (1993)

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This Law regulates specially protected nature territories of Latvia. These territories are defined as geographically specified areas that, in accordance with a decision of competent State authorities and administrative bodies, are under the special protection of the State and are established, protected and managed for the purpose of protection and preservation of natural diversity (rare and typical natural ecosystems; living environment of protected species; original, beautiful landscapes characteristic of Latvia; geological and geomorphological formations, etc.); and ensuring supervision of scientific research and the environment; and preservation of territories significant for the recreation, education and instruction of society. Protected territories shall be categorised as follows: strict nature reserves, national parks, biosphere reserves, nature parks, nature monuments, nature reserves, protected sea territories and protected landscape areas. The purposes of the Law include to lay down the basic principles for a system of specially protected nature territories; to lay down the procedures for the establishment of specially protected nature territories and secure their existence; to lay down the procedures for the administration of specially protected nature territories, for control of the condition of such territories, and for their registration; and to combine State, international, regional and private interests in regard to the establishment, preservation, maintenance and protection of specially protected nature territories. The Law further provides for categories of protected territories; procedures for establishment of protected territories; ensuring the preservation of protected territories; financing of preservation, maintenance and protection of protected territories; state register and scientific research of protected territories; land ownership and land use rights, alienation procedures, as well as alienation and privatisation restrictions of the land located in the protected territory and its functional zone; liability for violations of protection and use regulations of protected territories; termination of status of protected territory; and international co-operation in the establishment and preservation of protected territories.
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Latvijas V stnesis , 5, 25.03.1993; Reporter of the Supreme Council and Government of the Republic of Latvia, 12/13, 01.04.1993; Day, 64, 02.04.1993.
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Par pa i aizsarg jam m dabas teritorij m likums (1993)