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Environmental Law.

Type of law

This Law establishes the Ecological State of Montenegro as its official denomination.
This Law aligns the Montenegro state policy and its economic and social development with the international principles of environmental protection.
With this Law, the Republic of Montenegro ensures the conservation of natural resources and improvement of environmental quality, by reducing the risk to human life and health, remedy and prevention of adverse impacts on the environment in order to ensure and improve the overall quality of life on the national territory.
Natural resources of the Republic of Montenegro are used in accordance with the principles of Environmental Law and environmental development policies derived from it, in order to provide a sustainable and safe development policies.
Environment, in terms of this Law, is the natural environment, including: air, land, water and sea, wildlife; as environmentally relevant events and/or activities: climate, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, noise and vibration, as well as the environment that is created by man, the cities and other settlements, cultural and historical heritage, infrastructure, industrial and other facilities present on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro.
Main environmental objectives are: the preservation and protection of human health, integrity, biodiversity and quality of ecosystems, genetic resources, animal and plant species, soil fertility, natural beauty and physical values, cultural heritage and resources created by man; to provide conditions for limited, reasonable and sustainable management of living and non-living nature and the ecological stability of nature, quantity and quality of natural resources and the prevention of hazards and possible risks to the environment.
This Law is divided into 10 Chapters and 52 articles, including the offences and penalties.
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Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Legislation Amendment
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Zakon o zivotnoj sredini.
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