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Resolution No. 41/2023 approving the Policy and Strategy on Trade 2023-2032.

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This Regulation approves the Policy and Strategy on Trade 2023-2032. The Policy is a set of principles, objectives, priorities and actions that, based on a development economic policy, aims to boost the development of the commercial sector, with a view to stimulating the production of goods and services to respond to the needs of the internal market and to the export, optimizing the sustainable use of resources (human, natural and technological). Its mission is to develop and support an integrated commercial sector, based on the private sector, through participation in regional and global economic integration. The General Objective is to promote the development of trade in the country, stimulating the production and diversification of goods and services, increasing exports and promoting investments in order to respond to the needs of the national and international markets in accordance with the National Strategy of Development (ENDE).
This Policy pursues the following specific objectives: a) create an internal environment favorable to an open, export- and investment-oriented economy; b) create a favorable environment for the growth of domestic investment trade; c) optimize and maximize the benefits of Mozambique s integration into the world economy. The commercial policy foresees qualitative and quantitative changes in the country's commercial structure. Its goals aim to show the impact and results that are intended to be achieved in the next ten years, such as: a) Improve the internal market; b) Maximize the benefits of integration into the regional and global market; c) Increase the use of comparative and competitive advantages to derive greater benefits from regional and global integration; d) Diversify and expand the commercial base and interdependencies; e) Consolidate the opening of the internal market to external products and services, imposing reciprocity of benefits, competition and increased challenges on national companies.
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Boletim da Rep blica, I S rie, No. 200.
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Resolu o n. 41/2023: Aprova a Pol tica e Estrat gia Comercial 2023-2032 e revoga a Resolu o n. 25/1998, de 1 de Julho, que aprova a Pol tica e Estrat gia Comercial.