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Regional Regulatory Decree No. 3/2024/M approving the organization of the Regional Secretariat for Economy, Sea and Fisheries.

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This Regional Regulatory Decree approves the organization of the Regional Secretariat for Economy, Sea and Fisheries (SREMP). SREMP's mission is to define, coordinate, execute and evaluate regional policy in the sectors of the economy and companies, commerce, services, metrology, industry, promotion of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and business innovation, promotion and attraction of private investment and internationalization business, inspection of economic activities, support for companies, quality, maritime transport and maritime accessibility, maritime mobility, fishing, aquaculture, valorization and sustainability of marine resources, exploration and research of the sea, licensing of uses of the sea and its bottoms, artificial reefs, coordination of the Regional Sea Policy, management of Community Sea and Fisheries Funds, and coordination with the National Maritime Authority and other entities that make up the Maritime Authority and Fisheries Inspection System, from a global and sustainable development perspective, as well as ensure the planning and coordination of the application of national and European Union funds to them.
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This Regional Decree enters into force on the day after its publication.
Regional Regulatory Decree No. 9/2019/M of December 31st, amended by Regional Regulatory Decree No. 11/2021/M of November 15th, is revoked.
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Di rio da Rep blica, I Series, No. 14, 19 January 2024.
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Decreto Regulamentar Regional n. 3/2024/M - Aprova a org nica da Secretaria Regional de Economia, Mar e Pescas.