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Act relative to mining and related activities (Mining Act).

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This Act regulates the exploration and exploitation of minerals and other substances of organic origin as defined in article 1, but not certain gasses, clay, sand, etc.
The Act consists of 193 articles divided into 13 Chapters: definitions and general provisions (1); Permits for exploration and exploitation (2); Permits for the storage of mined substances (3); The care for good practice in execution of works (4); Financial provisions (5); Advisors (6); reporting (7); Supervision and enforcement (8); Guarantee Fund for Mining Damage (9); Judicial protection (10); Transitory provisions (11); Repeal and amendment of Laws (12); Final provisions (13).
A permit shall be required for activities listed in article 6. The permit shall be obtained from the Minister of economic Affairs. Article 33 requires the holder of a permit to carry out activities in such a manner so as to minimize damage to the environment. Article 38 concerns a separate environment permit and a mining plan that shall be submitted by the applicant for a permit. Article 49 empowers the Minister to issue rules relative to the protection of the environment.
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Wet houdende regels met betrekking tot het onderzoek naar en het winnen van delfstoffen en met betrekking tot met de mijnbouw verwante activiteiten (Mijnbouwwet).
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Entry into force on a date to be established by Royal Decree.
Consolidated version of STB. 542 of 2002 as at 19 March 2012 and amended last by Stb. 19 of 2012 (.doc).The Mining Act of 1903 is repealed.
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Staatsblad No. 542, 14 November 2002, 57 pp (.pdf).
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in force
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