Marine Strategy for the Dutch part of the North Sea 2012-2020

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The Marine Strategy for the Dutch Part of the North Sea 2012-2020 (Part 3) encompasses the
programme of measures for a healthy sea with sustainable use.
The European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) obliges EU member states to develop a
strategy to achieve and/or maintain a good environmental status in their part of the sea (i.e. the
Dutch part of the North Sea for the Netherlands) by 2020 and to implement measures that ensure
fulfilment of the objectives set to this end. The building blocks for this strategy are the policy
frameworks already in existence and the measures arising from these. Where these prove
insufficient, the member states are to formulate additional measures. Moreover, the directive
mandates international cohesion and cooperation in the north-east Atlantic region, and more
specifically with the North Sea countries.
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