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Act No. 100 of 2009 relating to the Management of Biological, Geological and Landscape Diversity (Nature Diversity Act).

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This Act makes provision for the protection of biological, geological and landscape diversity and of ecosystems. The Act applies to Norwegian land territory, including river systems, and to Norwegian territorial waters. Chapter VII of the Act applies to Svalbard and Jan Mayen. The King may decide that other provisions also apply to Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Selected provisions of the Act apply to the EEZ and the continental shelf to the extent they are appropriate.
The Act defines management objectives for habitat types and ecosystems and for species of plants and animals (including fish and marine mammals) and their genetic diversity. Sustainable management principles include the user-pays principle, the precautionary principle and use of environmentally sound techniques and methods of operation.
As for hunting, fishing, and harvesting and other utilization of wild living (marine) plant and fungus species, frequent reference is made to other legislation. The King in Council may make Regulations designating priority species and shall make Regulations for the implementation of CITES or other international obligations.
The Act further makes provision for, among other things: management of alien species; protected areas, national parks, nature reserves, habitat management areas, marine protected areas, and protected landscapes; designation and protected of selected habitat types; access to genetic material; the implementation of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture; and matters of administration.
A forestry project or agricultural project that affects areas of selected habitat types and that does not require a permit shall be notified to the municipal authorities before work on the project is begun. The municipal authorities may refuse authorization of such projects.
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The Norwegian version is a consolidation as at 1 October 2010 and amended last by Act No. 64 of 2022.
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Lov om forvaltning av naturens mangfold (naturmangfoldloven).