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Water Management Framework Regulation.

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The purpose of this regulation is to establish a framework for setting targets when ensuring the most comprehensive protection and sustainable use of water resources. Production and adopted regional management planning and action programs shall meet environmental objectives, such as pollution of water bodies in adherence to environmental quality standards specified in the document s Appendices.
Appendix I - Water regions and river basin authorities.
Appendix II Characterization.
Appendix III Economic analysis.
Appendix IV Protected areas.
Appendix V Classification and monitoring.
Appendix Va Classification - internal calibrated limit values for determining the environmental status.
Appendix VI - List of measures to be included in planning programmes.
Appendix VII - Requirements for management planning in water regions.
Appendix IX Chemical status for groundwater: threshold and turning point values.
Date of consolidation/reprint
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Entry into force on 1 January 2007.
Consolidated version of Regulation No. 1446 as amended by Regulation No. 2231 of 2018.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om rammer for vannforvaltningen.