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Regional Decree No. 564-p validating the Regulation on protected area of regional significance botanical garden Volgograd regional botanical garden .

Type of law

Protected area of regional significance botanical garden Volgograd regional botanical garden was formed for the following purposes: (a) creation and preservation in artificial conditions of special collections of living plants (especially rare and endangered species) and other botanical objects of great scientific, educational, economic and cultural significance; (b) preservation, study and enrichment of the gene pool of plants of natural and cultural flora through the creation, preservation and development of special botanical collections; and (c) implementation of scientific, environmental and educational activities. Botanical garden shall perform the following tasks: (a) creation of plant collections in order to preserve and enrich natural flora; (b) study, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, biological and landscape diversity of the Volgograd region; (c) development of scientific foundations and methods for preserving and protecting the gene pool of plants of natural and cultural flora, introduction and acclimatization of plants, biotechnology, physiology and ecology of plants; (d) conducting applied scientific research in the field of horticulture, botany, biotechnology, ecology and physiology of plants, soil science, ecology, ensuring the development of collection funds and biotechnology; and (e) carrying out educational and educational work with the population in the field of botany, nature protection, ecology, plant growing and selection, ornamental gardening and landscape architecture. Land plots and forest plots shall be allotted to the botanical garden for permanent (open-ended) tenancy. The following activities shall be prohibited in the territory of the botanical garden: (a) construction; (b) felling of trees and shrubbery; (c) damage, destruction of vegetation and picking of plants and mushrooms; (d) disturbance of habitat of wild fauna species; (e) stay with dogs; (f) burning of vegetation; (g) disposal of waste in waterbodies and soil; (h) movement of motor vehicles; and (i) destruction or damage of boards, notices, stands and other information signs.
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This Regional Decree enters into force on the date of its official publication.
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11 2021 . N 564- - " ".