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Community Gardens (Consolidated Laws of New York: Agriculture and Markets Law; Article 2 C; 31 f 31 j)

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This Article of the Agriculture and Markets Law of New York concerns community gardens in New York. It declares that community gardens provide significant health, educational and social benefits to the general public, especially for those who reside in urban and suburban areas of this state. Furthermore, it is the articulated public policy of the state to promote and foster growth in the number of community gardens and the acreage of such gardens. Further, the commissioner of agriculture and markets shall establish within the Department of Agriculture and Markets of New York an office of community gardens which shall have the authority and responsibility for carrying out the provisions of this article in cooperation with state agencies and municipalities. The Article also provides for the powers and duties of the noted office of community gardens, and use of state owned land for community gardens. Finally, the Article notes that the commissioner may convene a community gardens task force to identify and develop ways to encourage state agencies, municipalities and private parties to establish and expand community gardens and the activities conducted by such gardens.
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