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Realty Subdivisions: Sewerage Service (Consolidated Laws of New York: Environmental Conservation Law; Article 17 Water Pollution Control; Title 15; 17-1501 17-1515)

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This Title of Article 17 of the Environmental Conservation Law of New York provides for realty subdivisions for sewerage service. It states that any city or county which has established or establishes a city, county or part-county department of health may adopt regulations for the control of such developments. Regulations adopted by a county or city board of health may include, but not be limited to, establishment of such requirements as it may deem necessary to guarantee the installation of such sewage facilities in accordance with the plans determined in this Title approved by the county or city department of health or any approved revision or revisions thereof. The Title further provides for plans required to be filed and approved; filing fees to accompany plans; cooperation with the Department of Health; duty of county clerk or register in respect to filing of plans and map; remedy for purchaser of one parcel of unapproved realty subdivision; and regulation by commissioner.
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