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Law No.223-XII of 1991 on social associations.

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The present Law ensures the right of the citizens to set up social associations. Social association is a voluntary association set up by decision of citizens united for the purpose of the realization of their rights and legitimate interests in the sphere of policy, economy, social development, science, culture, ecology and other spheres of life. The present Law is not applicable to cooperative and other commercial purposes. The document consists of 5 chapters that contain 25 articles. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-7) lays down general provisions. Chapter 2 (arts. 8-14) regards setting up social associations and cessation of their activity. Chapter 3 (arts. 15-19) establishes terms and conditions of the activity of social associations. Chapter 4 (arts. 20-22) regards control over the activity of social associations and establishes liability for the infringement of the legislation. Chapter 5 (arts. 23-25) regards international cooperation, international social associations and international agreements.
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