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Law on property (1990).

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The property in the Republic of Uzbekistan is inviolate. Every person has a right for property. The existence of any form of property is allowed in the Republic of Uzbekistan which promotes the efficient functioning of the economy and the growth of the people's well-being. The inviolability and equal conditions for the development of all forms of property are guaranteed by this Law. The Republic of Uzbekistan creates all necessary conditions for the proprietor to ensure the safety and augmentation of property. Objects of property include the following: land, its depths, inland waters, flora and fauna, selection achievements, trademarks and service marks. The Law consists of 7 Sections that contain 36 articles. Section 1 (arts. 1-6) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (art. 7) regards private property. Section 3 (arts. 8-17) regards shirkat (collective) property. Section 4 (arts. 18-26) regards state property. Section 5 (arts. 27-28) regards combined property. Section 6 (arts. 29-31) regards property of foreign citizens, organizations and states. Section 7 (arts. 32-36) establishes guarantees and the protection of the right on property.
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