Corruption free world related water,sanitation & all civic amenities

    Project ID
    Date of request
    March 31, 2022
    Project date
    Mar 2022 - Apr 2022
    United States of America
    Sustainable Development Goals
    Goal 6
    Climate and Atmosphere
    Environmental Governance and Rights
    Marine and Freshwater
    Implementation Status
    Activity description

    In March 2022, the secretariat of the Montevideo Programme V received a technical legal assistance request from a stakeholder entitled “corruption free world related water, sanitation & all civic amenities not for chieldish media”. The request did not proceed as it was not in line with the objectives of Montevideo Environmental Law Programme. Due to lack of details regarding the nature and scope of the technical legal assistance, including the expected outputs and proposed timeline for the implementation, the request did not proceed. 

    UNEP support in implementing the activity

    UNEP assessed the request against the Programme's objectives and referred the stakeholder to explore further resources on this website and partnership opportunities available under the Programme.