Strengthening the legislative framework on environmental permitting and licensing systems, Nigeria

    Project ID
    Date of request
    June 21, 2023
    Project date
    Jun 2023 - Mar 2024
    Sustainable Development Goals
    Goal 3
    Goal 6
    Goal 7
    Goal 8
    Goal 9
    Goal 11
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    Goal 13
    Goal 17
    Biological Diversity
    Chemicals and Waste
    Climate and Atmosphere
    Environmental Governance and Rights
    Land and Agriculture
    Marine and Freshwater
    Trade and Investment
    Implementation Status
    Under implementation
    Activity description

    In June 2023, the Federal Government of Nigeria submitted a technical legal assistance request for the review of Nigeria’s National Environmental (Permitting and Licensing System) Regulations 2009. Specifically, the request’s main objective is to review the Regulations to strengthen its provisions by considering trending and emerging issues, as well as gaps identified in its implementation processes. 

    Expected outcomes and impacts

    It is hoped that the revision will identify the gaps which have hindered effective implementation, promote integrated environmental permitting systems in the country, improve compliance in obtaining environmental permits, encourage wide stakeholder participation in regulatory and implementation processes, and contribute to achieving the country's statutory targets on air quality and waste management.   

    UNEP support in implementing the activity

    Following internal consultations and with the National Focal Point for Nigeria, UNEP will support NESREA in carrying out a review and gap analysis to identify the existing regulation gaps vis-à-vis prior practice, implementation and emerging environmental issues. This analysis will inform the development of the draft regulations to strengthen the existing provisions. UNEP will further support NESREA to convene stakeholder and expert consultations, and a validation workshop, to ensure an inclusive approach in the development phase. 

    Contact information

    Nigeria: Ibrahim Musa, Assistant Director, Legal Services Department, National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) (Montevideo Programme V National Focal Point)

    UNEP: Aphrodite Smagadi, Legal Officer - Montevideo Coordination and Delivery Unit