Development of Zimbabwe's Climate Change Management Bill.

    Project ID
    Date of request
    March 18, 2024
    Project date
    Mar 2024 - Mar 2025
    Climate and Atmosphere
    Environmental Governance and Rights
    Land and Agriculture
    Implementation Status
    Approved for implementation
    Activity description

    In March 2024, the Government of Zimbabwe sought support to develop a Climate Change Management Bill. Building on the country's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and planned National Adaptation Plan (NAP), the Bill aims to establish a Climate Change Fund to support climate action , leverage international climate finance, strenghen institutional arrangements for climate action and data collection among others. The Bill will also address control of excessive emissions of greenhouse gases. and sharing 

    Expected outcomes and impacts

    It is expected that the Bill, once passed into law, will enhance understanding of climate change issues, and create an infrastructure for funding of climate action.

    UNEP support in implementing the activity

    Through a small-scale funding agreement, UNEP will support the Government of Zimbabwe to convene legal drafting experts and undertake stakeholder consultations for validation of the law.