Technical legal assistance provided under the Montevideo Programme V

This open-access activity tracker provides information about technical legal assistance requests approved for implementation and/or currently being implemented under the Montevideo Programme V. With the consent of the concerned parties, each request page describes the request details and provides key updates on the project's implementation and outcomes.

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Note: You can see here an example of technical legal assistance provided to the Solomon Islands. This page will be updated after the resumed in-person (hybrid) Global Meeting of National Focal Points.

Solomon Islands
Date of request
05 August 2020
Regulations under the Wildlife Protection and Management Act, 2017
Support Request Status
Topics relating to the request
Biological diversity
Trade and investment
Category of the request
Development of adequate and effective environmental legislation and legal frameworks to address environmental issues.
Through a Small-Scale Funding Agreement dated 11 January 2018, UNEP supported the Government of Solomon Islands in developing regulations under the Wildlife Protection and Management Act, 2017. The objective of the regulations is to provide an enabling framework for implementation of the country’s obligations under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). With UNEP’s support, and under the guidance of the country’s Ministry of Environment