Under the Fifth Montevideo Programme for the Development and Periodic Review of Environmental Law, UNEP and partners of the programme deliver support for initiatives that: 

  1. Support the development of adequate and effective environmental legislation and legal frameworks to address environmental issues; 

  2. Strengthen the effective implementation of environmental law; 

  3. Support enhanced capacity-building for increased effectiveness of environmental law; 

  4. Support in the development and implementation of the environmental rule of law, consistent with decision 27/9 of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme; 

  5. Promote the role of environmental law in the context of effective environmental governance. 

How does it work?

  1. The Montevideo National Focal Point(s) and/or other stakeholder(s)* submit a request for assistance. 

  2. UNEP considers and consults on the request, including with the relevant National Focal Points, the Steering Committee for Implementation, and other stakeholders. 

  3. If the request falls into one of the assistance categories above it enters a design and then implementation phase, subject to available resources. Requests that are aligned to the priority areas for implementation are prioritized, following the guidance from the global meetings of National Focal Points. 

  4. The activity tracker will provide information about the nature and progress of the request. Requests will be published in LEAP after review by the secretariat, subject to consent.


Note about the number of requests:

At this time, there is no limit to the number of requests that each country may submit via its NFP. If UNEP reaches its capacity for responding to technical requests, the number of requests per country/organization/year may then be limited. 


Submit a request for assistance

Countries can request their Montevideo national focal point (NFP) to make the assistance request on their behalf, if they elect to. It is not a requirement for NFPs to submit any request from a country, but they will be automatically informed. A full list of NFPs is available here.

If you are an NFP, please log in here to access your profile page and to use the online form to submit requests for assistance directly to UNEP. Alternatively, use the link below:

Click here to submit a request for assistance

Requests can also be emailed to unep-montevideo@un.org with the subject "Technical Assistance Request."