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National Mineral Resources Plan (2016-2020).

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This National Mineral Resources Plan (2016-2020) is a sectoral policy document. The Plan clarifies the development directions of exploration, development, utilization and protection of mineral resources in China. It consists of 33 sections divided into 8 chapters, including: Planning basis; Guiding ideology, principles and objectives; Persisting in innovative development to enhance the new driving force of mining development; Adhering to coordinated development to optimize the pattern of mineral development and protection; Adhering to green development, strengthening resource conservation and recycling; Adhering to an open development to promote global mining cooperation and win-win; Shared development and resources to benefit the people; Implementation and management.
The overall goals of the Plan are: by 2020, a safe, stable and economic resource security system will be basically established; a green mining development model that is efficient, environmentally friendly will be basically formed; an open, competitive, dynamic modern mining market system will be established; and significantly enhanced quality and efficiency of mining development. The specific objectives include: steady growth of important mineral resource reserves; the proportion of medium-sized mines shall be more than 12%, and the output rate of major mineral resources increased by 15%; the task of restoring the geological environment of 500,000 hectares of historical mines will be completed; etc.
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Ministry of Land and Resources, China.
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