About the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme

In March 2019, the UN Environment Assembly adopted the Fifth Montevideo Programme for the Development and Periodic Review of Environmental Law (the Montevideo Programme V), which commenced in January 2020. The Montevideo Environmental Law Programme is a ten-year intergovernmental programme on promoting, implementing, and strengthening environmental rule of law worldwide. UNEP is the Secretariat of the programme.

More information about the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme and its previous editions can be found on its dedicated website.

Download the full Montevideo Environmental Law Programme V: العربية | English | Español | Français | Русский | 中文

Please also see the Programme's brochure and the factsheet for national focal points (العربية | English | Español | Français | Русский | 中文).

Objectives of the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme

The programme’s vision is to promote the development and implementation of environmental rule of law, strengthen the related capacities in countries, and contribute to the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To achieve this, the program has six objectives supported by nine strategic activities. The Montevideo Environmental Law Programme is implemented by UNEP with the strategic guidance of a Steering Committee for Implementation and a global network of National Focal Points designated by each Member State. This global network on environmental law is complemented by strong partnerships with stakeholders for implementation. The programme partners with, inter alia, academia, civil society, the private sector, secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, UN agencies, and Intergovernmental Organizations. Please click here for more information about the Partner of the Programme initiative.

A decade of action on environmental law....

2020-2030 is a make-or-break decade for the environment, and effective action on strengthening environmental law and its implementation is critical. Strong environmental laws and institutions are essential for planetary health, nature, pandemic recovery, and resilience. They underpin the successful implementation of any environmental goal, policy or commitment, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

What's next?

The Second Global Meeting of the Montevideo National Focal Points - Nairobi, Kenya - 2024

The First Global Meeting of National Focal Points aimed to provide guidance on relevant institutional arrangements for the Montevideo Programme V, as well as identify priority areas for its implementation. It was organized in two segments (virtual segment 2-4 June 2021 and in-person/hybrid segment (Nairobi 6-9 June 2022). See here. 

The Second Global Meeting of the Montevideo National Focal Points will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 3 - 5 June 2024. See here for further information.