Partnerships and synergies under the Programme 


Strong, multi-stakeholder partnerships are crucial to the success of the Fifth Montevideo Program for the Development and Periodic Review of Environmental Law. UNEP is in the process of engaging other United Nations entities, civil society organizations, academia, experts from the legal and judicial fields, and the private sector, to join hands in implementing the Programme and to advance the environmental rule of law at all levels.

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Stakeholders can support the implementation of the Programme in several important ways. First, relevant stakeholders may be invited to assist in implementing the Programme as is appropriate and feasible. Relevant stakeholders may include, inter alia, secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), other UN agencies, members of academia, experts in environmental law, civil society organizations, and representatives of the private sector. Second, stakeholders are invited to participate in the biennial global meetings of National Focal Points, and will be able to host side events related to the meetings. The global meetings are flagship events for the Programme that help shape the strategic priority areas for implementation. There are opportunities to share information on critical and emerging issues in environmental law, and to further build partnerships and coherence for Programme implementation. 

To become more engaged in the implementation of the Programme, representatives of different stakeholder groups are able to express their interest through the registration form below:

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