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Government Regulation No. 21/2010 on the protection of marine environment.

Type of law

This Government Regulation provides for the prevention and control of marine pollution caused by ships or by port activities and by waste discharge in waters.
The Government Regulation states that any ship shall be banned from discharging to the waters waste and other materials including ballast water, hazardous and toxic chemicals and materials containing ozone-depleting substances. Ships of certain types and sizes shall have equipment for the prevention and control of shipboard pollution and shall be equipped with a plan for the control of shipboard oil pollution as provided for in the text.
The Government Regulation further provides for: prevention of environmental pollution originating from dangerous goods and materials aboard ships; responsibilities of ship owners or operators; waste dump sites in waters; information systems for the protection of marine environment; and administrative sanctions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Government Regulation enters into force on 1 February 2010.
Serial Imprint
Business News No. 7984, 23 July 2010, pp. 3A-18A.
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