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Local and Regional Water Resources Planning and Development (Consolidated Laws of New York: Environmental Conservation Law; Article 15 Water Resources; Title 11; §§ 15-1101 − 15-1113)

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This Title of Article 15 of the Environmental Conservation Law of New York (the Article 15 being known as the Water Resources Law of New York) provides for local and regional water resources planning and development. It provides that any county, city, town or village, when duly authorized to do so, or any combination thereof, except in certain cases, may submit to the department of environmental conservation of New York a verified petition requesting the department to consider a proposal for a survey and study of the water resources of a specified region of which the petitioning municipality is a part, for the purpose of preparing and providing a comprehensive plan or plans for the protection, conservation, development and beneficial use of such resources. The Title further provides for the related proceedings; regional planning and development board, its meetings, quorum, and powers and duties; plans, their approval, changes, modifications and rescission.
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