2024 Asia Environmental Enforcement Recognition of Excellence

Transboundary environmental crime presents a serious threat in Asia. Illegal trade in wildlife undermines conservation efforts, harms economies, devastates livelihoods, and compromises ecosystems on which humans depend. It also takes place on the routes between Asia and Africa, Europe and Latin America at significant scale. The Asia region is as well one of the main destinations for illegally traded chemicals and waste. Particularly, there are concerns over the significant increase of trade in plastic waste in recent years. Millions of tonnes of hazardous waste, plastic waste and harmful chemicals are transported to and within Asia, having disastrous effects for human health and the environment. Governmental authorities working on environmental enforcement issues are on the front line of efforts to combat transboundary environmental crime. The 2024 edition of Asia Environmental Enforcement Recognition will recognize and celebrate their critical role in doing so. 

Nominations are now open, apply here. The nomination window closes at midnight (GMT+7) on 30 September 2024. 

Access the information note on the 2024 Asia Environmental Enforcement Recognition of Excellence here. The information note has a copy of the nomination form in annex.  Additional information is also available here.