Children and youth, particularly those from the most vulnerable and marginalised backgrounds, are disproportionately impacted by all kinds of environmental harm. Despite being the least responsible, they are more exposed to it than any other group.

In June 2021, Heads of UN Entities made a joint commitment to promote the right of children, youth and future generations to a healthy environment and to take necessary steps to advance their meaningful participation in decision-making at all levels, with particular emphasis on decisions relating to climate. This commitment was made in response to the UN Secretary-General's Call to Action for Human Rights.

To learn more about children's rights to a healthy environment, explore the Principles and Policy Guidance. Launched in October 2021, this collaborative report between UNEP, UNICEF and UN Human Rights in the ASEAN region sets out fundamental principles for realising children's rights to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and for putting the best interests of children at the centre of initiatives throughout Southeast Asia.

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