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Decision of the Council of Eurasian Economic Commission No. 157 validating Unified Quarantine Requirements for species subject to quarantine inspection at customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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This Decision shall be applicable to produce and commodities subject to quarantine and phytosanitary control and inspection with a view of preventing introduction and spreading on the customs territory of the Customs Union of pests, pathogens and diseases. Import to the Customs Union of plant and planting material shall be accompanied by phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent authority in the field of plant quarantine of the exporting or re-exporting country. Import of produce subject to quarantine inspection representing low phytosanitary risk shall be performed without accompanying phytosanitary certificate. Seeds and planting material (including seed and food potatoes and material for breeding and research purposes) must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the authorized body on plant quarantine of the exporting country and (or) the re-exporting country. Import of live quarantine objects for research purposes on customs territory of the Customs Union shall be performed by scientific research institutions by permission of the authorized body on plant quarantine of the member state of the Customs Union, on which territory import of such objects is planned. These Requirements shall be mandatory for performance by enforcement authorities of member states, authorized bodies on plant quarantine, local government, legal bodies, physical persons (including registered as individual entrepreneurs) whose activity is connected with manufacture, procurement, processing, transportation, storage, trade and use of regulated products. Seed (in the form of seeds or fruits) and planting (in the form of sprouts) material must be free from quarantine objects, including quarantine weeds. Seed material (in the form of seeds and fruits) must be harvested in areas free of Witchweeds plants (Striga spp.). Planting material (in the form of seedlings) shall be free from dodder plants of the genus Cuscuta spp.
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This Decision enters into force on 1 January 2018.
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