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Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission N 27 "On approval of the Unified Veterinary (Veterinary-Sanitary) requirements for facilities subject to veterinary control (supervision)".

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The Decision establishes veterinary-sanitary requirements for livestock facilities intended for the cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, fish, bees and requirements for facilities for the production and storage of animal products, for slaughter of productive animals. Unified Veterinary (Veterinary-Sanitary) requirements for facilities subject to veterinary control (supervision) shall be mandatory for legal entities, individuals, including those registered as individual entrepreneurs, who own on the right of ownership or on other legal grounds land plots, buildings, structures, facilities, places of storage (storage), in which activities are carried out on cultivation (cultivation and maintenance), manufacturing, processing and storage of goods subject to veterinary control (supervision), and information on which is included in the register of organizations and persons engaged in production, processing and (or) storage of commodities transported from the territory of one member state of the Eurasian Economic Union to the territory of another member state, as well as owners of vehicles performing the movement of the aforesaid commodities. Animal breeding facilities are subject to constant veterinary control over the state of animal health. All feed arriving at the livestock breeding facility should be subject to veterinary and sanitary control. Newly arrived animals shall be placed in the premises(s) for inspection, veterinary and sanitary treatment and quarantine.
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This Decision enters into force 180 calendar days after the date of its official publication.
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13 2018 N 27 ( - ) , , ( ).