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Governmental Resolution No. 65-A validating State Program.

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This State Program is cross-sectoral nationwide policy document aimed at sustainable development of the country, poverty reduction and agricultural development.
Objectives of the State Program shall be set forth as follows: (a) promotion of agricultural cooperatives, recovery of abandoned land, improvement of irrigation, increase of export of agricultural commodities, and promotion of extension services to agricultural producers in rural areas; (b) poverty reduction by means of improving living standards of the population, social protection, creation of work opportunities, encouraging employment, stimulating investments, promotion of equal rights in labour sector and creation of employment opportunities for women; the objective is to significantly reduce unemployment by 2023; (c) protection of public health, in particular protection of mother and child health and promotion of healthcare services; (d) conservation of environmental resources, in particular protection of air, climate, water, soil, wild fauna and wild flora, environmental impact assessment (EIA), promotion of protected areas and ecotourism development; the priorities shall be efficient water resources management, use of water saving methods, protection of Sevan lake and Ararat artesian basin; (e) sustainable forest management, expansion of forest cover, ecosystems conservation; (f) ensuring energy independence, promotion of renewable energy sector and achievement of energy efficiency; (g) expansion of irrigated land area, modernization of irrigation systems; and (h) regulation of migration, in particular social protection of citizens migrating for work reasons to foreign states.
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8 2019 N 65 - .