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Governmental Resolution No. 68-L validating the Concept and the Program of arrangements for increasing the efficiency of the use of agricultural land.

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This Concept of increasing the efficiency of the use of agricultural land is cross-sectoral policy document with the scope of involvement in agricultural production of abandoned, unused and fragmented agricultural land plots through the use of modernized equipment, improvement of land reclamation and irrigation, and increase of soil fertility.
The priorities of the Concept shall be to promote sustainable agricultural development through increase of the efficiency of the use of agricultural land through involvement thereof in use and promotion of land market with a view of increasing value of agricultural land.
The objectives of the Concept shall be to raise efficiency of agricultural production, to raise the level of the country s food security, to promote public private partnership (PPP) and develop long-term specific agricultural programs.
Proposed solutions: (a) establishment of land market in order to resolve the problem of abandoned land; (b) establishment of land bank for legal regulation of agricultural activities; (c) sale of abandoned, unused and underused land plots through tenders; and (d) promotion of long-term agricultural land consolidation programs.
Expected results: (a) revaluation of agricultural land; (b) increase of gross agricultural output; (c) increase of income of agricultural producers; (d) reduction of migration rates; (e) reduction of rural poverty; (f) increase of the level of food security; and (g) growth of the national food production.
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