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Multilateral agreement on cooperation on the conservation and management of cultivated plant genetic resources of CIS Member States.

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The Parties have agreed to cooperate in the following areas: (a) exchange of cultivated plant genetic resources and congener wild plant species; (b) joint research on, and conservation of, the plant gene bank; (c) participation in joint expeditions for the replenishment of national collections of plant genetic resources; (d) access to samples of plant gene banks; and (e) approximation of legislation regulating the issues of cultivated plants genetic resources. The Parties shall elaborate and carry out joint selection programmes for agricultural crops. The cooperation shall be carried out through joint meetings of experts and scientists, scientific literature and conferences and symposia on plant genetic resources.
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This Multilateral agreement enters into force on the date of its signature.
This Agreement shall have a duration of five years and shall be automatically extended for one or more five-year periods unless, six months prior to the end of any such period, either Party provides the other with written notice of termination.
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04.06.99 - .