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Seeds Act 1997.

Type of law

An Act to regulate the authorization of seeds, planting material and new plant varieties. It contains at the outset a definition clause relating to various terms employed such as, inter alia, "seeds", "certified seeds", "species", "authorization of seeds", "marketing", "variety". Article 3 lists the competent federal and regional authorities. Seeds and planting material may be marketed only if authorized according to this Act. Part 2 governs the procedure for authorizing seeds and planting materials which must comply with the conditions listed in article 14. Moreover, while the packing and labelling requirements are contained in article 15, Part 3 governs importation regulations. Part 4 contains an Ordinance on new plant varieties which must be homogenous and distinguishable. Finally, the law deals with enforcement, fees, penalties, entry into force and repeal of existing provisions, and transitional and final provisions. The text consists of 80 articles divided into 4 Parts.
Long title of text
Federal Act on recognition of seeds, admission of seeds and the placing on the market of seeds and the admission of plant varieties.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The present Act enters into force on 1 July 1997, except for article 39(4), which enters into force on 1 July 1998.
Serial Imprint
Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich, Part I, No. 72, 11 July 1997, pp. 941-968.
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Legislation status
in force
Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bundesgesetz über die Saatgutanerkennung, die Saatgutzulassung und das Inverkehrbringen von Saatgut sowie die Sortenzulassung (Saatgutgesetz 1997 – SaatG 1997).