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Decision No. 146 of the Cabinet of the Azerbaijan Republic about the statement of some regulatory legal acts connected with fishing in the Azerbaijan Republic.

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Water objects are considered polluted if have come to a condition, partially or completely unsuitable for existence and development of fish stocks and other live organisms owing to change of structure and properties of water in view of direct or indirect influence of a waste and sewage of all kinds of a household and economic origin. Criterion of pollution of water is deterioration of its quality owing to changes in the organoleptic properties and presence as a part of harmful to fish and other live organisms (including having fodder and hunting value) substances, and also the rise in temperature of the water which have entailed changes of conditions of normal ability to live of water organisms.Compound and qualitative suitability of the water used in a fishing economy, is defined on the basis of the present norms and requirements. On value for a fishing economy water objects are divided on two categories: (a) the water objects used for restoration, a gain and protection of valuable kinds of the fish, different high oxygen sensitivity, to the first category; (b) the water objects used for other purposes of a fishing economy, to the second category. The category of water object on value for a fishing economy is defined by the fisheries service taking into account the future development of a fishing economy and fishery. Use of fish stocks is paid, except for the cases provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic. Payments for use of fish stocks and penalties for illegal fishing are differentiated depending on kinds of fishing tools and means, and also from appointment of water objects.
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